Educational presentation software
mozaBook expands your set of teaching tools with versatile illustration, animation and presentation possibilities. Spectacular interactive content and built-in virtual lab applications, which help both illustrate and build skills, assist by creating interest and motivating students, letting them see class topics in new ways.
Simple and intuitive - Teacher feedback was an important part of our development process. As a result, the software is easy to use and functions can be found where users expect them.
Flexible - mozaBook can be used on interactive boards and computers. Its user interface can adapt to any display size.
Multilingual - The mozaBook software, built-in applications, educational videos, interactive 3D models and their narrations are already available in many languages, and new languages are continually being added.
Social - Exercise books and worksheets created in mozaBook can be shared at the school or national level, allowing teachers to access and use each other’s exercise books and worksheets in the classroom.
Versatile - In just a few simple steps, mozabook can open PDF documents and turn them into digital publications with the help of the interactive media library. This way you can use your own textbooks as an interactive digital textbook.
Breathtaking - mozaBook also provides access to the Media library, which contains more than 1000 interactive 3D models, hundreds of educational videos and numerous audio files and worksheets that help arouse students' interest.
mozabook in the classroom and at home
Teachers can create their own exercise books or turn their textbooks into interactive digital textbooks with just a few clicks. Digital books and exercise books can be enriched with images, integrated drawings and interactive 3D models, as well as custom worksheets created with the built-in Test editor of mozaBook. More than 70 thematic applications provide a unique way of practising and deepening acquired knowledge.

The software supports touchscreen functions, its user interface can adapt to the display size, thus it can be used both on interactive boards and notebooks.

mozaBook is available in our webshop in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.
Your own digital textbooks
In case the teacher has an electronic version of a textbook in PDF format, it can be opened in mozaBook. The software will automatically recognise pictures included in the publication and can enlarge them on click. Teachers can also define custom page sections to be magnified in the classroom. The program is capable of analysing the text of the publication and recommend interactive content relevant for the topic. Teachers can play, accept or delete these recommendations, but they can also find content (3D models, educational videos, sound files, images) in the built in media library of mozaBook, on their own computers or on the Internet. The inserted items can be opened by clicking on the icons placed on book margins and used for classroom presentation.
Interactive 3D models
mozaBook exercise books and digital books can be enriched with our more than 1000 interactive 3D animations, closely related to the curriculum, turning learning into a playful experience for students. They can travel in space, learn about old and modern tools, machines, get insight into the workings of the human body or discover the underlying facts in chemistry. They can walk around in ancient towns, learn about everyday life in past civilizations or just the beauty of nature. The models are freely rotatable and most of them include narrations and built-in animations. With the predefined viewpoints, the user can easily navigate through the complex scenes. Labels added to structural and cutaway views are available in several languages, thus also help learning languages.
Globe Theatre (London)
The mechanism of hearing
Even simpler, more convenient...
Integrated applications - Thematic mozaTools applications are accessible within mozaBook. Alongside numerous skill-development, illustrative and practice applications, you can also find virtual laboratories.
Online homework - Using interactive elements of the Media library, teachers can create homework tasks in the built-in test editor of mozaBook. Students can then solve these online, at home.
Video tutorials - New video tutorials are available in mozaBook and in the built-in tools. With the help of these tutorials it is easy to see what these tools offer and how to use them.
Own web account - Teachers can upload their exercise books into their own mozaWeb account. Uploaded exercise books can be opened on any computer that runs mozaBook. Changes made to the exercise book can be automatically saved in the account, so school and home exercise books will always be in sync.
Test editor
Creating unique and attractive exercises and worksheets has never been easier than with our test editor. With a wide range of pre-defined question templates (single or multiple choice, matching, crosswords, finding mistakes, ordering, chains, blank maps, table filling, sets, etc), teachers can create their own exercises with a few clicks. Several different question types can be added to worksheets and a time limit can be set on solving them. Exercises can become even more attractive by adding images, videos or audio files to them, or choosing from a variety of built-in designs. The worksheets can be inserted into the relevant pages of mozaBook publications or set as a homework task, which students can solve at home via the mozaWeb online platform.
mozaTools thematic applications
More than 70 thematic applications related to the curriculum provide a unique way of practising and deepening acquired knowledge. The number of games and tools, as well as their functions is continuously expanding, new functions are also regularly introduced. Applications created for lower primary school students help developing basic skills, while those designed for older pupils serve as illustration or virtual labs. Some of the thematic applications also contain animated exercises, turning learning into a playful experience. Certain text and image elements of these applications can be inserted into mozaBook digital books and exercise books created with the software, thus they can be used for creating presentations.
Multipl. table
Chemical elements
Electro Kit
mozaBook media library
The mozaBook media library provides an inexhaustible source of educational resources. Browse between thousands of our interactive extras, search images, videos or sound files on your computer or on the internet.
Elements of the media library can be inserted into the relevant pages of books or exercise books as icons or pictures. In the classroom, the inserted extra content can be opened and played in the built-in mozaBook media players with just a click.
Videos Custom educational videos, physics, chemistry and biology experiments, documentaries, fairy tales, literary works, film excerpts and other curriculum-related videos.
Coal-fired power plants
Local time and zone time
Plitvice lakes
Audio files Contemporary and classical music, songs, folk music, fairy tales and excerpts of literary works.
3D models 3D models that are fully interactive, can be rotated, zoomed on or viewed from preset viewpoints. Our 3D Models contain explanatory labels, most of them also contain narration and quizzes.
Pictures, drawings, illustrations The media library offers thousands of pictures and explanatory diagrams, as well as drawings, illustrations and pictograms organized by topic. These resources can be used freely to illustrate exercise books or worksheets created with the built-in test editor.
Exercise books and Interactive exercises Teachers can share their exercise books created with mozaBook and worksheets created with the built-in Test editor. Shared exercise books and worksheets can be searched for in the media library by subject, grade or keywords.
MS Office documents, Flash animations Using the media library, your own or downloaded MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, PDF documents and interactive flash animations can be inserted into mozaBook digital books and exercise books.
How can work be even simpler?
Functions to improve layout - While illustrating exercise books, guiding lines help aligning and distributing elements on the page, therefore making it possible to create a symmetrical and attractive layout.
Picture editor - Images inserted into mozaBook can be freely modified with the built-in picture editor. Set brightness or hue, delete unwanted parts or crop pictures to create exercise books and presentations that live up to your expectations.
Visual drawing tool for young pupils - Drawing is simple and playful with the intuitive user interface of the improved visual drawing tool on the interactive board for even the youngest pupils. The different tool packs contain individual drawing tools, selected according to the chosen presentation mode.
Attractive custom exercise books
Pages of exercise books created in mozaBook can be illustrated by background pictures which are grouped by style. Background pictures and page ruling are fixed, they do not disturb presentation and editing. We can add text, drawings, pictures, videos or 3D models from the media library to the exercise books. Exercise books can be uploaded into own mozaWeb account in order to be opened on any computer that runs mozaBook. Changes made to the exercise book can be automatically saved in the account, so school and home exercise books will always be in sync.
Animated presentations
Create exercise books and spectacular animated presentations with the built-in animation editor. Use texts, your own drawings, pictures, videos, 3D models or other interactive content from the media library.
The content used can be shown, hidden or animated according to built in schemes. Extra content can also be used while the animation is played.
Drawing tools
MozaBook offers a built-in drawing tool to create illustrations for books and exercise books, from simple text highlighting through freehand drawings to complex illustrations. The tool's intuitive user interface makes drawing easy even for young pupils. The relations diagram tool allows for the creation professional-looking concept maps with just a few clicks.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 or newer
  • 1GB RAM
  • Graphics card for 3D and video display